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Inilah Faktanya list Job vacancies in Indonesia

Graduate Development Program (GDP) is an education program specifically designed to anticipate the company’s need for future leaders to tackle future challenges including supporting its business sustainability.
General requirement :
Minimum S-1 Degree in Chemical/Mining/Civil/Electrical/Mechanical/Geological Engineering with GPA = 3.00
One-year working experience – optional
25 years of age or less
Ready for placement throughout Indonesia
Basic Competencies :
Building positive working relationship, Communication, Continuous learning, Initiating action, Managing work, Decision making, Costumer focus, Impact, Formal presentation
Year 1 – Competencies Building
Year 1 focuses on the development of general knowledge of business processes at HIL through classroom and on-the-job training, on top of leadership and other required Soft – skill competencies.
Year 2 – Stepping into Career
Year 2 sees the GDP Graduates going through a transition process into the professional world and at the same time gives them a chance to turn all the training into HIL’s actual operational experience.
Year 3 – Attaining the Performance Excellence
Year 3 cannot exist without the Graduates fully contributing to company by displaying their best performance, with excellence. At the end of the year, they are also expected to have the ability to lead a team.
Send your application to :
Telp. 0341 583787 Fax. 0341 575453
Telp. 0341 551611 Pes. 130
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