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5 Top Waterproof Eyeliner Picks

Dont the celebrities look sexy with those inner rims lined? Wouldnt you love to look that sexy? Good news you can and you can even do it on a budget. It starts with a waterproof eyeliner and knowing which products to pick.

First of all lets wipe away some way too common myth thats floating around about how unsanitary it is to do the inner rim of your eye. Not true as long as you make sure your liquid eyeliner brush or pencil are clean. All you need to do to remove bacteria is to wipe off the tip with a tissue.

Start at the inner corner of your lid and line across your lash line. Be sure to follow the natural contour of your eye. If you want a dramatic effect like the celebs then apply a heavier line at the outer corners and line on the inner rim.

It is important that you remove your waterproof eyeliner each night. You can easily accomplish this with a good makeup remover.

So we all know that the stars only by top of the line makeup right? Wrong! Just like you and I many are savvy shoppers. In fact here are 5 of the top waterproof eyeliner picks.

1. Maybelline Great WearCreamy texture with a wide range of colors and it lasts forever. The biggest complaint is the bulky packaging that it could live without but as a product its easy to work with and looks great.2. DiorThis eyeliner glides on so easily that it is virtually mistake proof. It is long wearing and holds up well in water so dont be afraid to go swimming or even hop in the shower. Comes with a handy blending brush. Available in captivating blue, bleu bermudes, intense brown, or Trinidad black. Safe for contact lens wearers and sensitive eyes.Max FactorThis gets one of the highest ratings over and over. It wears well but it does take a bit of practice to get use to the small long brush. It goes on evenly and is one of the nicest looking eyeliners on the market. It is however impossible to get off without a good makeup remover.3. ClarinsThis is an eyeliner that will stand up to the toughest challenges so whether you are planning a day at the pool or you know the tears are going to flow at that wedding Clarins will stand up to the test. It glides on and leaves a nice texture. Its not only waterproof it is smudgeproof too.4. SormeThis smudgeproof, smearproof, waterproof eyeliner is a breeze to put on and lasts forever. Make sure youve got some good makeup remover.5. LancomeThis one will stand up to the test of time, nasty weather, sad movies, a dip in the pool. Doesnt matter what you throw at it. The unique twist tip means you never have to sharpen it and it wont smudge or streak

Now you know the top 5 waterproof eyeliner picks of the celebrities and none of them will break the bank. Which one will you pick?
Alphonso has been working in the home remodeling industry for last 5 years. Take advantage of his experience and written material on waterproofing ideas at his website at http://www.improve-home.com

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