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Equity Bursary at Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia

The Equity Scholarships Scheme helps low-income students with the costs of students life. The scheme targets students who face significant financial barriers to, and helps them to succeed by allowing them to devote more time and attention to their studies.
The scheme is funded through the Learning Potential Fund, as well as funds from QUT and the Commonwealth Government.
The Learning Potential Fund is supported by donations from graduates, staff, and friends of the university, and was established to assist low-income students.
What you receive
You’ll receive $1000 for one year, to assist you with living and study expenses.
You are guaranteed to receive this bursary if: you have been admitted through the Q-Step Scheme, you are an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander student and have applied for the QUT Equity Scholarships Scheme.
Application dates
Closing date: 14 November 2011
Eligibility details
You must be:
from a low-income background
experiencing financial hardship.
We also take personal hardship into consideration.
You may be eligible even if you’re not eligible for Commonwealth scholarships.
The bursary is not available for:
visiting students
cross-institutional students
QUT International College students.
How to apply
Applications for semester 1, 2012 will open in August 2011.
Please include:
individual financial details
family financial details
any documentation that shows financial hardship
evidence of personal hardship.
Mark your application ‘private and confidential’ and submit to the Equity Scholarship Scheme.
Visit the university website for more scholarship information and application:

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