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Teritorri : Welcome to The World of Teriyaki!

Japanese food, particularly Sushi, is very popular in Indonesia. The taste is suitable for Indonesian tongue especially those in the big city. Sushi restaurant is everywhere and appear like fungi. But teriyaki? We almost can’t find Teriyaki restaurant in Indonesia, except one, Teritorri.

Located in Pondok Indah Mall, this restaurant is the first teriyaki chain in Indonesia. Teritorri will open some branches in few areas in Jakarta, therefore the people can know this restaurant well. This restaurant offers wide range of Teriyaki (beef, chicken and seafood) which is grilled with lava rocks for ensure the basic ingredients come out juicy and fresh.

Besides Teriyaki, other choices of Japanese food are available. You can choose Sushi, Robatayaki, Yakitori and other Japanese Main Course (Japanese Noodles, Japanese Curry, Sukiyaki or Tempura).

Visiting Teritorri, in Area 51, Pondok Indah Mall, we saw an area dominated with wood, typically Japanese. That is indoor area of this restaurant. We can see great view in outdoor area. Pondok Indah swimming pool and also Ground Floor of Area 51 spoiled our eyes.

The first menu that comes to our table is Soft Shell Crab Salad. This salad is served with soka crab, and also shoyu sauce. Going to main course, there is one of Teritorri best sellers : U.S. Rib-Eye Teriyaki Set. This U.S. imported-beef, is accompanied by rice and also miso soup. Very tender and mouth-watering.

The next course is Flamming Dragon Roll. Before we taste it, this aluminium-foil-covered sushi grilled with alcohol in a minute. With this kind of cooking process, the taste will be more authentic and delicious. This long sushi contains unagi, ebi tempura, avocado, mayo serve with eel sauce. This menu made us want to eat this again and again.

Special beverages here are lychee iced tea and strawberry soda. These two cold beverages are so refreshing with its fruit inside. Another dessert is Kakigori, this Japanese Slush Ice consists of slush ice with milk and brown sugar, accompanied by orange, strawberry, lychee, peach and melon. Red beans are placed on the top of it. Very yummy!
Pondok Indah Mall 1
Area 51 Lv.2
Jl. Metro Pondok Indah
Jakarta 12310
Tel: 021-7662155
Cuisine: Asian, Fusion/Modern, Japanese, Modern Asian

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