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Vietopia : Vietnamese Restaurant Pioneer In Jakarta

We can’t find Vietnamese cuisine easily in Jakarta. Although the taste is different from Indonesian food, Vietnamese cuisine is welcomed by Jakarta people. For example, restaurant that serves Vietnamese cuisine, Vietopia.

Opened in 2003, this restaurant is one of Vietnamese restaurant pioneers in Indonesia. Located in the center of the city, in Menteng Area, Vietopia can be reached by people all over Jakarta. Design concept of the restaurant is minimalist with white as dominant colour. The architecture looks so old and bring us back to French Colonial era.

Visiting this restaurant, we are served various authentic Vietnamese cuisine. As appetizer, comes Banh Cuon, which is similar with spring rolls. As a skin, use Bangkuang; while inside it, we can find minced chicken, shitake mushroom and also bangkuang itself. As a garnish, there are sprouts and other vegetables. Banh cuon will be more delicious if we combine it with sauce names Nuoc Mam; combination of vinegar, fish oil, sugar and chili.

For main course, Pho Bo ; very popular Vietnamese beef noodle soup indulges our appetite. Pho Bo is a thin Vietnamese Kwetiauw serves with hot soup. This kwetiauw is accompanied by Australian sliced beef, brisket, coriander leaves, onions and scallions. Its soup consists of marrow broth, bone, brisket and also spices. Its delicacy and freshness makes a lot of customers order Pho Bo.

Not only that, Tom Hot Dieu with rice is also a signature dish in Vietopia. Tom Hot Dieu is Hot King prawns served with chill mango sauce. This mango sauce is blended with garlic, coriander, chili and fish oil therefore it has the authentic taste.

Accompanied our meal, Ca Phe Sua Da, Vietnamese Coffee is served. This coffee is very unique and different from others. There is some mocca and vanilla taste on this coffee. We can make our own coffee using the dripper. Another best-seller beverage is Ice Lemon Grass Tea. This beverage is popular with the names ‘sereh’. It is mixed with honey, lemon and also water. It is very refreshing, particularly in hot weather. To make this drink more beautiful, added lemon grass stem into it.

Very interesting, right? Just go to Vietopia!

Jl. Cikini Raya No.33
Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia
Tel: (62-21) 391 5893
Cuisine: East-West, Vietnamese

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